Bakcell New website and intranet portal

The first mobile operator Bakcell launched  its new website and intranet portal today.   Website address –

I can say, it is one of our top project we have ever done, not only because of the client’s name, but  also  the volume of work done.

Below you can find a short summary of the project.


Customer: Bakcell LTD

About Company: Bakcell, one of the leading mobile operators in Azerbaijan was founded in 1994 and became the first company providing mobile services in the country.

Required tasks – done!:

  1. To create website and intranet portal with central database

  2. To provide a single Internet service from 2 servers, for load balancing

  3. To separate some applications to run on different virtual hosts

  4. Ability to create unlimited websites, from the central control panel

  5. Website – redesign existing website and it functionality, to develop the project based on own code from scratch, with the following features and applications

    • User Authentication
    • Online SMS Delivery
    • Search a site
    • Featured pages editor
    • Multilingual (Azeri, Russian, English)
    • Non ordinary main menu
    • Ability to add unlimited menu blocks
    • News slide for home page on Flash
    • Google map application for Company Dealers locations.
    • Feedback
    • News
    • Videos section
    • Surveys
    • News Subscriptions
    • Vacancies
    • Organize pages with big content into slides and tabs by special characters.
    • Widget system - ability to create dynamic html and application related widgets and possibility to assign them into appropriate pages on selected area

  6. Intranet - To create intranet portal with the following features and applications:
    • Multi-functional search
    • Multilingual (Azeri, Russian, English)
    • Dashboard – a number of widgets shown on the home page, with option to each user to replace their places.
    • New Infromation system – a huge knowledge base, a single document storage that allowed employees to access documents and files according to their permission level. Interface of this component completely on AJAX that’s why browsing categories and pages is very fast. This allows staff immediately find and response to subscribers, without wasting milliseconds of their time on page loading.
    • Address book – browse and search company staff thru database and LDAP
    • Vacancies
    • Online Quiz
    • Photo Albums by Categories
    • Video Albums by Categories
    • Event calendar – staff birthdays, historical events, corporative events
    • News by categories
    • Document Management System
    • FAQ
    • Glossary
    • Surveys
    • Forum
    • Centralized; Administration panel  of the website and intranet.
    • Dealers Section

Some screenshots from Intranet

Home Page
Address Book
Photo Gallery
Video Gallery
Page Editor
Menu Editor

Products and technologies used

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Web Framework - Ruby on Rails 3
  • MySQL 5
  • LDAP
  • Sphinx
  • XML
  • Adobe Flash
  • AJAX

About Developers:

Web Designer, Manager: Zaur Naghiyev

Programmer: Zaur Amikishiyev

Content Editor: Muhammad Naghiyev

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