Website development on Django framework

Pdesigner ™ is constantly striving to keep pace with progress. The guys from our team despite their big experience in PHP are not afraid to learn and use other programming languages, and frameworks are written on them.

Their knowledge had been used in one of the latest project:

We was tasked to develop a website for a company which sells kitchen furniture. Unlike regular online store with list of product and categories, we had to build a designer furniture parts - constructor.

The question of using one of standard online store dropped immediately because of the peculiarity of the task. It was decided to use Django frameworkd (the language of Python) to develop the site. It was the first site to Django in Pdesigner ™ (although we have previously used other web frameworks)

In resutl, both - customer and we remained satisfied with the final product

Website: Visions of Earth

Client: Melissa Gillies (UK)

Programmer: Denis Klementyev (Russia)

Web Designer / Manager: Zaur Nagiyev (Azerbaijan)

Deadline: 30 days





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