Individual Package - Custom Built Website

If non of the offered packages don't meet your requirements, and you need something individual, custom functional, we are ready to develop a custom built website for you specifically for your needs and taking into account the specifics of your work and creates a unique website right from the scratch.

The final cost of the bespoke website depends on many factors. It is difficult to give an offhand estimate of the website without knowing the detailed requirements of the project. The final cost of the website is dependent on many elements such as the strategic planning and development involved, web design, graphic design, database development, multimedia, interactive features, SEO, web maintainence. I will be able to give you the definitive cost involved after you have given me a detail of your requirements.


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I really love working with Zaur. I must admit, I was leery about hiring someone off the internet without meeting them, but I am glad I took the chance!  He used our visions and made our site exactly as we asked and the program he uses for us to update the site, is extremely user friendly!  I would highly recommend Zaur to any friend or colleague is need of web design.  Angela Kohut