Website Design Maintenance, Modifications and Updates

In a rapidly changing world, it is essential to keep your image fresh and up-to date, if not futuristic. Even though this principle applies to almost everything in life, it is surely a most definite requirement for your online image. Maintaining a website that keeps up with the changing trends in technology, knowledge or related fields is an essential pre-requisite to a successful online presence. Once you are online, it is essential that you keep the content of your website fresh and happening. Any complacence in maintaining your website can be disastrous for your business, especially if it is related to giving out information or services that may become stale in a matter of days.

Some people believe that web maintenance almost always involves a lot of changes in the website. This is an absolutely wrong notion. Web maintenance could involve very simple changes such as adding or deleting a section or something as simple as changing a date. On the other hand, it can sometimes also involve modification of the whole web site. It is really not necessary that you depend on your website designer for the maintenance as well. You can always hire a third party to maintain your website. This will help you reduce costs and also make space for more innovation. So, if you have a website that requites a few changes here and there or even if its needs a change in some functionality, we, at Pdesigner, will be delighted to take up the job.


Our hourly rate for website maintanance is $25.


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I really love working with Zaur. I must admit, I was leery about hiring someone off the internet without meeting them, but I am glad I took the chance!  He used our visions and made our site exactly as we asked and the program he uses for us to update the site, is extremely user friendly!  I would highly recommend Zaur to any friend or colleague is need of web design.  Angela Kohut